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Wired : Designer

 Dream Job #1 – Cutting Teeth with the Digital Revolution 

Wired in year 3 was a lot like worlds most amazing summer camp for the geeks and digital revolutionaries. I was drinking coolaid, going to kill your tv parties and pulling all nighters for a pioneer for the day. Wired was acclaimed for it's cutting edge content and design. I started as an intern, soon became a valued member of the US and UK teams. I relocated for the redesign and relaunch of the UK edition in 1996 and remained in the London until it's close in 1998.

Responsibilities included design, illustration, art commissioning and print production.

Designer UK Edition : 1996-1998 { London, UK }

Intern US Edition : 1995 (6m) { San Francisco, Ca }


It would be scary for all of us to see post this work (if I knew where it was). I spent a boat load of time in this new software called photoshop making illustrations of planes crashes, future childern and turning Nicholas Negroponte into a dollar bill. Ah the good ol days.