Apple : Contract Content Designer

Dream Job #4 –The Mothership

On the iWork team, I was able to transition my visual content design skills to the creating content and systems for the 2014 release of iWork. This was the first major release of the software since 2009. The product had many changes in the UI, and we needed to deliver templates which live up to the Apple standards of design. I was one of 2 designers working with the Art Director on updating and creating new templates for Pages, Number and Keynote. 


iWork  Jan 2013 - June 2014 { Cupertino, Ca } 

The main challenge on the iWork project was creating hundreds of distinctively different templates then mapping them back to 6 "Color and Typographic" themes to keep the system light. 

  • Typographic and color Theme systems design to work across the iWork suite of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
  • Visual Design of templates for Keynote, Page and Numbers.
  • "On Brand" Image creation and sourc
Keynote Open Screen

Keynote Open Screen



Internal Retail Communications  
May 2012 to October 2012 { Los Angeles, Ca }

My first introduction to Apple was with the team talented team responsible for the internal communications at Apple. Apple is known for it's secrecy and this team was no exception. They had the fiery of a newsroom delivering information about product releases to store as the news broke. I was not on the news team, but worked closely with the leader to create a yearbook of the major events and openings. The concept was to utilize the new released iBook Author to create and interactive book. I was teamed up with a production artist in the UK to deliver what we called the "tube map" of the year. Unfortunately the book held many "Top Secrets" and could not be show. The project also was not successful release because of the limitations of file size and new software. I was an eat your own dog food project that I was able to talk to discuss with the iWork team. 

  • Content flow, organization and visualization working in new software.
  • Worked across time-zones with developer in London on the project.